"Masseria Grande" Surano (Le) ref. 377

"Masseria Grande" Surano (Le) ref. 377
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Vendesi - Casale

The municipal territory of Sural, part of the Union of the municipalities of the middle lands at 44 km from Lecce, has a flat morphology and is between 88 and 116 meters above sea level. It is located between the greenhouse of Supersano and the Adriatic coast. The western part of the municipality falls in the Parco dei Paduli, a rural area characterized by a landscape dominated mainly by extensive and majestic olive groves and in which many plant and animal species survive; It is the case of some specimens of oak trees, trace of the ancient forest of Belvedere. It borders to the west and the north with the municipality of Nocilia, to the north with the municipality of Poggiardo, to the east with the municipality of Spongano, to the south with the municipalities of Andrao and Monteso Salento. Sura is part of the territory of lower Salento that has a purely Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and hot humid summers. Certain news about the place we have since 1190 when the Norman Tancred of Altavilla, to reward some knights who had faithfully served and with value the count Robert his ancestor, gave the fief of Sura to Gabriele gau. The Feudatory family remained uninterrupted until 1806, the year of suppression of the feudal regime. The ‘ Masseria Grande ‘, a veritable masseria fortified as a sixteenth-century plant consisting of a tower built between the end of the XV and the beginning of the XVI centuries to which have been added in the various centuries of functional structures with nineteenth century enlargements and Twentieth. The tower, built in local Carpo, still preserves the crown to fake corbels in the upper part, while it presents the holes in correspondence of the openings. On the summit terrace you can also recognize a flag podium, still perfectly intact. The tower was part of the system of military garrisons placed in control of the territory and communicated directly with the Tower of Castiglione and the Tower of the castle of Nocilia, along the axis of Lecce-Leuca, while transversally overlooked the territory of the forest Belvedere through the tower (now disappeared) located in the locality Turriceddra towards Torrepaduli and Ruffo. The basamentale structure of the tower, in fact, presents a high podium that leaves a glimpse of a structure to speculate reused in Norman period and transforming it into Motta. The oldest part is the tower, 12 meters high and organized in two floors, inside it has ample rooms with vaults in star and barrel, magnificent chimneys and features niches on the walls to close on top with a parapet decorated with bows and Corbels. Fenced by a wall of parawolves, for some stretches still intact, has a total covered surface of about 2200 sqm. On a plot of land of 10,000 sq. m. To renovate, well lends itself to the realization of a widespread hotel, integrated in its territory and its culture in respect of nature and its historical identity.



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